19 pages written this month! Not too shabby! I haven't made a lot of progress with drawing as of late, but I am hoping to change that this month. 
I think my main problem with drawing is that I get so angry when it doesn't come out perfect. It took me a while to get over that with writing, and I know I'll get over it, I'm just impatient. 
In other great news, the next issue of N.A.R.L.I.'s Tubular Tales should be out later this year! I'm stoked! I'll have more news on that soon. 
I am also going to be setting up a newsletter, and will put a link HERE so folk can sign up for it. If it goes as well as this blog, you know you won't have to worry about me spamming you all the time. 
Hugs & Kisses,
Kevin Michael Rowe
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