Hopeful Rowemantics Studios is the creative home of writer, comic book creator, and party dude known as Kevin Michael Rowe.
Kevin's first comic, N.A.R.L.I.'s Tubular Tales, features artwork from William Montalvo and sold waaaaaay more copies than he thought it would. A sequel, the Ineffable N.A.R.L.I., will be out in Spring 2024.
He also is an organizer of the inaugural Kingston Independent Comic Expo that will be held in his adopted hometown of Kingston, NY in April 2024. 
Kevin also hosts  7 Minutes with Kevin, a rarely updated comic book YouTube show that critics have called "do we really need another white guy talking about comics?".
Kevin lives in Kingston, NY with his two dogs that are total opposite of each other, and his wife that is unbelievably supportive of his schemes. 

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